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How the process works

1  Send over your photos and agree on a quote.

2.  50% of deposit required before Ella starts editing and designing. 

3.  Ella will send over three cover designs for you to choose from.

4.  The internals will follow shortly after with the chosen cover design.

5.  Check over the book and any amends can be made here.

6.  Designs are then sent to print and delivered around two weeks.

7.  Final payment is made once the book has been printed. 

8.  That's it, nice and simple. Now to treasure your book forever!

If you are looking for something that requires a little more attention to detail or even have photos that need a lot of editing I can spend more time in certain areas to create the perfect book for you. I would suggest a phone call before to go over what exactly you are looking for and how it can be achieved.

Book design and editing service

Ellas books 2022 photo shoot-63.jpeg

How to send your photos

There are a few different ways of sending photos. Here are some tips:


This is an online computer file transfer for large files. Simply drag your compressed folder of photos from your computer to the WeTransfer screen. Enter your email address and Ella's  ( with any message and click 'transfer'. Make sure the transfer is 100% complete before closing down the web browser. Ella will then have a folder of your photos ready to use.


This is an online storage space for your photos. Simply create a folder with all your photos for your book. When you are ready click 'share' the folder to her email ( Ella will then be able to see that folder and download your photo from there.

Google Photos

Similar to Dropbox, once you have uploaded a folder of your photos to your Google Photos or Drive you can then share the folder with Ella. She can then download them.


If you have photos from a photo shoot or wedding you can send a link from a photographers archive. Ella will most likely need a password to get into but then she can download from there.


If you have tried the above and feel like your tech savvy side has let you down, fear not! There is still the old fashioned way of simply popping your memory stick in the post! Nice and easy.

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