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New 'Lark' Book option

I am so excited to add a new sized book option to my website. It's called 'Lark', named after another type of bird.

The reason why I use bird names and why my logo is a bird is simply because of the publishing world! Other publishers too have a theme of using a type of bird for their logo and brand. Penguin, Puffin books, Nosy Crow and Sheldrake Press to name a few. I also include my bird logo on the spine of my covers.

This beautiful a large square (30x30cm) photo book comes in a traditional perfect bind (similar to my 'Robin' and 'Wren' book) or lay flat bind (similar to my 'Dove' book). This book is great for putting large amount of photos. Maybe a big travel holiday or wedding where you want to document those special memories and especially when you are struggling to choose favourite photos. It's makes the perfect coffee table book.

The prices starts from £300 which includes my design; the 3 cover designs to choose from, a personalised illustration on the first page, the internal layout, 2 rounds of amends and the printing costs. Photos will also be given a general retouch if needed. This usually just includes brightening and sharpening so that your photos are the best quality for print.

This example below is the 'Lark' lay-flat option.

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